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This little dude was perfect, ohhhh how I loved him- so I had to share my favorites.  check out that amazing big brother too <3

I’m always excited when I come across clients that love neutrals as much as I do!  If I could do three million set ups in cream I would HA!

Such a beautiful newborn with such a BEAUTIFUL family…who’s with me that think this couple needs to continue to populate the earth 😉

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I’d be honored to capture timeless images of your baby…


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I love fall…it’s family season!!

I’m always super swamped come this time of year when my newborn sessions  die down a little.  I suppose it’s to make time to see all my precious clients again.  I love seeing them come back year after year and choose me to capture their family and little ones as everyone gets a little older.  From not seeing an open eye at their newborn to seeing those toothy smiles just fills me up!

It’s so crazy that I first met this family when mom and dad were just pups in college and me and mama were killing ourselves in the math lab at UTA chasing after that mathematics degree.  It’s a miracle we survived!  Those were some long tough nights. Now to see how our lives cross paths time and time again is heart warming.

I’ve really felt honored to watch friends become incredible moms and dads…

Which is why I love what I do.  I aim to capture genuine emotion.  To photograph your family how you are in that particular season of life.  Sometimes it when babies are glued to mama and giving me dirty looks because they aren’t sure of that giant black thing I’m waving around.  Other times they are having an absolute ball looking for pirates, picking flowers or having a tickle war.  But the bottom line is, I want you to remember them for all of their personality, not just them blankly staring at a camera and saying cheese.

This is what I want hanging on my walls.  This is my style.  This is me.  I hope it’s you too!



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People ask me all the time why I became a photographer, and truthfully, I didn’t actually have a dream of becoming a photographer.  We bought a decent camera to take better pictures of our first son.  The more I learned to use my camera, the more friends would ask if I’d take pictures of their family here and there and it just developed a love for it.
Since then, there are so many reasons I decided to pursue photography since then; but here are a few!
I genuinely love doing it. Not all types of photography but babies for sure. It’s like a fishing hobby or crafting for others except I actually get to do my passion for a living.
I’m artistic in nature. I don’t draw anymore but I feel like I can express my artsy style through my images and editing style. Most don’t realize it’s not just taking pictures. I’ve received countless hours of training, have invested thousands of dollars into my equipment and business.  It’s artwork and it’s a valuable investment just like a great painting or sculpture.
There’s a lot of satisfaction in bringing an image to life through editing and then seeing clients fall in love with it.  It validates your hard work and feels amazing when your talent is appreciated.
As a mom to three (soon to be four – eek!), I’m able to be a stay at home mom and still fill that artistic need in my life as well as supplement my husband’s income. Making my own schedule and not being bound by a 9-5 office job is incredibly important to me. I want to be able to attend every event my kids have; photography and my incredibly supportive hard working husband have made it possible.
I get to shop! I hate shopping for myself, but I’ll spend a pretty penny on a bonnet or layering piece for a session. It’s a little out of control at times, ha!
 I get to work from home! There’s nothing better than grabbing a cup of coffee, walking into your home studio, and starting to style a session in your pj’s.
It challenges me. Every baby or client is different. You can go in with a plan of exactly how you expect things to go. A fussy or wide awake baby forces you to be creative, and you have to completely change your plan on the spot to get great images. It’s not repetitive because personalities are so different from baby to baby.   Each session is a challenge and a blessing.
I get to give families the most precious images of their babies. Ones they can cherish forever; ones you can’t recreate or redo if you miss that window. It’s heartbreaking to talk to clients that come to me literally in tears that they didn’t get newborn portraits with their other children or who chose an inexperienced photographer and received poor images of their baby. I love offering hope for them and the little ray of sunshine that they won’t experience that again.
I mean need I say more? Babies! Freaking cute squishy babies!! I get to hang out with the most gorgeous little humans and take their picture!! I could seriously stare at their chubby little faces everyday! Who else is going to let you put whatever hat, wrap, headband, or outfit you want on them and not give you crap about it? Well some babies give you crap about it but most snooze right through all the wardrobe changes…
I have met some of the coolest, most genuine, kindhearted people through photography. Some I have become great friends with, some I have been able to share Jesus with and some I have been able to gift the incredible gift of photography in their desperate time of need or tragedy. I know God has blessed my business with a purpose of glorifying Him and using it to reach people. Not necessarily throwing the Bible at them but loving them and being a living portrait of Him. Loving them in relationships no matter how long the relationship. But I definitely always want to remind myself that this business is not what it is because of myself, but because of Him. Every client, is a client brought to me by Him and I always try to remind myself of that. I try to remain humble and thankful for His blessings in my life. My talent and artistic nature was a gift given to me by God so now I have to figure out how to make sure to use those gifts to honor Him.

There are so many things I love about being a photographer specializing in newborn babies.  The way they smell, their soft skin, snuggling between shots, and just the brand-newness of tiny babies.  It’s an amazing experience to be a part of their first days.

One thing I have learned over the years I’ve spent perfecting my craft, is that there is such beauty in the tiniest of details.  I spend so much time on each shot making sure every little thing is just right because it makes all the difference in the world.

My clients love it when they are viewing their fully edited gallery and they see images of little baby fingers, tiny noses, sweet little lips, and those furry little baby ears.  I catch them gasping sometimes with emotion as they get to remember forever what their baby looked like and those tiny precious details remain forever.

It’s but a fleeting moment in the scheme of things, and I love that I get to be the one to keep it frozen in time, perfect and unforgettable.

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If you’re on the internet at all, you’ve seen some of the cutest newborn baby portraits.  Babies in swings, babies on scales, babies with their little chins on their hands….etc.

As beautiful and charming as these images are, there’s something very important I need to say – it’s not real!  Sort of.  Babies don’t naturally hold their heavy little heads up with their hands and should never ever be placed on a swing high off the ground without support.

So, I’m sharing some of my secrets!  As a newborn photographer, safety is number one on my list.  Even before capturing beautiful images, safety of my tiniest clients comes first.

The images you see are called composite shots.  It’s is a composite of two (or more!) images put together to create one piece of artwork.  The reason for this is to ensure the safety of the infants and capture images that are unique and priceless.

I will say this several times – do not attempt to capture these types of images on your own or allow someone else to.  ALWAYS make sure that someone has their hands on or near the baby at all times for safety and choose someone who is trained in newborn safety and photography.

OK!  On to the fun stuff.  I’m going to share with you a few behind the scenes looks at what images go together to complete one of the most popular newborn poses.  ev1a5853-0ev1a5853-2ev1a5853-3ev1a5853-4