Composite Shots | Confessions of a Newborn Photographer

If you’re on the internet at all, you’ve seen some of the cutest newborn baby portraits.  Babies in swings, babies on scales, babies with their little chins on their hands….etc.

As beautiful and charming as these images are, there’s something very important I need to say – it’s not real!  Sort of.  Babies don’t naturally hold their heavy little heads up with their hands and should never ever be placed on a swing high off the ground without support.

So, I’m sharing some of my secrets!  As a newborn photographer, safety is number one on my list.  Even before capturing beautiful images, safety of my tiniest clients comes first.

The images you see are called composite shots.  It’s is a composite of two (or more!) images put together to create one piece of artwork.  The reason for this is to ensure the safety of the infants and capture images that are unique and priceless.

I will say this several times – do not attempt to capture these types of images on your own or allow someone else to.  ALWAYS make sure that someone has their hands on or near the baby at all times for safety and choose someone who is trained in newborn safety and photography.

OK!  On to the fun stuff.  I’m going to share with you a few behind the scenes looks at what images go together to complete one of the most popular newborn poses.  ev1a5853-0ev1a5853-2ev1a5853-3ev1a5853-4


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