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Yeah, so I may be a little biased, but this sweet girl is niece number 7 for me and oh how sweet is she!!  Britt and Brandon have had some very life changing events happen over the last couple years, from getting married in Vegas to welcoming their beautiful baby girl, Charley!

charley nb-150-2

I was honored to capture Charley’s birth! Well almost, due to some complications we had an unplanned C-section, but mama and Charley did great! Daddy held his own too 😉  There is so much to be said about the emotion that goes into the journey of bringing a baby into this world.  Britt’s story is not an average walk in the park, she was on bed rest most of her pregnancy battling high blood pressure and swelling, but Britt did what the best moms do! She carried that baby for as long as she could (maybe a little longer 😉 )  and Charley came into this world surrounded with people that truly love her most!

charley nb2-59-2

Birthing photography has to be one of the most under thought photography around.  But I will guarantee you, if you do decided to hire a photographer to capture those moments, remember you get VERY few times in a lifetime to experience labor and bringing a baby into this world, you will without a doubt never regret doing so!!  These will be some of your most treasured images you will ever own.

Don’t believe me? Check out the video here…McGee Birth

After Charley was born things took a terrifying turn, not for Charley, but for Britt. Britt was discharged from the hospital without anyone detecting her serious pneumonia infection 🙁  Just two days after bringing her bundle of joy home, Britt was rushed by ambulance to Baylor All Saints.  For a while, we weren’t sure she would be coming home :'(  After lots of prayer, aggressive doctors and great care, she was able to come home nearly a week later.  Once home we did some serious newborn photos and she only peed on me twice!!

charley nb2-103-2 charley nb-4-3 charley nb-15-3 charley nb-137-3

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