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How to Prepare for your Newborn Session: A photographer’s Guide for Mom’s

First of all, Congratulations!!  I know you’ve been preparing nine long months for this moment and now your bundle of joy is finally here!  You can’t wait to get that little nugget into our studio for her first set of professional portraits.

Most of our clients schedule their newborn session months before their little bundle actually arrives, and this is definitely a smart move.  The very best time for newborn portraits is between 6-14 days old; so booking early is the best way to get the most out of every little sleepy smile and every adorable baby wrinkle.

Once the day of your session arrives there are several things you can do to make sure you have the session of your dreams.   Time to channel your inner boy scout and “Be Prepared.”


Feed your baby just before leaving your home, and keep him awake a minimum of two hours before your session. We want him to sleep heavily during the session, not before. Giving baby a warm bath just before your session will also help keep him happy and relaxed, and in a deeper sleep.  A sleepy baby is a pose-able baby.



Dress your baby in something EASY to undress; nothing tight and over the head, snap-up outfits are preferable. A loose diaper is also a good idea so we don’t have any marks or scratches on her perfect little skin.


Dress comfortably, if you are planning to take a few portraits with your baby a classic solid black long sleeved shirt or a modern white top are always favorites.  You are certainly welcomed to change after and remember it will be warm in the studio for your baby’s comfort, so say “Yes!” to the yoga pants!



Make plans for siblings. If you are wanting to capture one or two images of your brand new angel with her siblings, we are happy to accommodate.  I’ve found it best to choose 1-2 poses with siblings at the beginning of the session, and then they are free to salvage through the millions of toys in our playroom or dad/grandma can take them home. Having a plan for siblings is crucial – I can not stress this enough for your sanity, and ease during your session (which usually lasts between 2-4 hours.)



Take care of yourself.  Taking care of your precious little one can sometimes take over and leave little time for yourself, but for nursing mommas; make sure you are eating.  Eat that day and even during the session. If you aren’t eating, your body will have a harder time producing milk, and we want to do everything we can to ensure baby has a full tummy during the session. Also, keep an eye on WHAT you’re eating. Anything you eat goes to the baby too when nursing. So I would recommend steering clear of anything carbonated or caffeinated prior to the session. Usually during a session, if a baby is restless or unhappy, it’s one of two things; she is hungry, or she has gas. Try to pump a bottle of breast milk so that I, myself, can feed her during the session if possible. The less you are physically around baby the easier the session will be. When babies smell mom, they want to nurse more often.

Bring a pacifier-even if she has not taken one quite yet, they are very helpful during the session. The pacifier may be used in combined time about 10 minutes.  The baby will not suffer nipple confusion. I have successfully nursed three babies and promise the very minimal amount of time I use a pacifier will in no way affect their nursing habits.


Prepare to relax.  Bring snacks and even a good book for yourself, mom.  I will be the one primarily handling baby during the session. I’ve been trained to properly handle and safely pose your baby. I’ve found that the more Mom touches baby, baby smells Mommy and wants to eat.  Be prepared to relax and even nap on the couch!
Following these tips and taking the extra time to prepare for your session will ensure that it goes as smoothly and is stress-free as possible!  Not only will you have priceless portraits of your sweet pea, but also wonderful memories of your portrait experience.


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